About Us

We believe that people learn best when they

  • Learn about topics that they are interested in.
  • Focus on topics that they know they need help on.
  • Learn from people who are passionate about those topics.
  • Learn at a pace which suits them and at a time that suits them.

We understand that all children are different

  • Does your child love the classics or hiphop?
  • Does your child understand decimals but gets frustrated over fractions?
  • Does your child want to learn for fun or does s/he want to pass an exam?
  • Does your child learn best before school,after school or after the evening meal?

We are building a new type of tutoring market place, and launching it phase by phase.
Phase one is live now. It is a maths and music tutoring market place

  • Tutors list their profiles.
  • Parents search for their ideal tutor, connect online and talk about their needs.
  • Parents or students then book lessons, which are taught via video.
  • Tutors give the students feedback after every lesson.
  • Parents and students give the tutor feedback.
  • It's all online, via video, safe, easy and fast.

Parents and Students

  • Learn at home - no need to travel.
  • Learn online - no need to invite tutors into your home.
  • At times that suits you - search for tutors who are available when you need them.
  • Find the right tutor - search by subtopic and see reviews by others.
  • Access to recordings - replay the sessions for easy revision.
  • Free 30-minute session - with each new tutor before you commit.
  • Easy payments - pay as you book via credit card.
  • Peace of mind - all tutors aged 18 and over have a working with children check, all video sessions are secure and private.


  • Teach from home - no need to travel.
  • Teach online - no need to invite students into your home.
  • At times that suits you - it's simple and easy to list your available times.
  • You decide what to teach - you work with the student to meet their individual needs.
  • We do all the advertising for you - just wait for parents to book you.
  • We do all the invoicing and payments - you do what you do best, which is teach.
  • Flexible earning options - contract and set your own rates or be a casual employee.
  • Support and growth - we monitor your feedback, and some of your sessions, to give you feedback on how to continually improve.

Knect Learn (pronounced K-nect Learn) was founded by Anne Palmer.

  • Anne has worked in the education sector for many years and she is the mother of two children.
  • She is building a platform which caters to the needs of parents, students and teachers.
  • Anne hopes that every child will love learning and find their passion / purpose in life through learning.