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Hi my name is Tama, I love to teach maths.

I studied maths diligently throughout high school, completing the 3 Unit and 4 Unit maths courses, and achieving an ATAR of 98.7.

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Expert in secondary mathematics

Finished secondary and higher secondary schooling, bachelors and post graduation with a very high score (>80%)

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I am a bubbly, approachable person who loves meeting new people! I really enjoy mentoring and teaching students of all ages because I think it's a great way to share my knowledge with others. I'm currently in university but when I'm not studying I enjoy playing sport, music and travelling!

I completed my HSC at Baulkham Hills High School in 2018, achieving an ATAR of 99.80. I took Chemistry, Physics, English, Extension 1 &2 Maths and Accelerated Economics, but out of all subjects, Maths was always my strongest and I believe my high marks were influenced by my excellent maths teacher at school. I learnt a lot about teaching styles from this teacher which I then applied in my previous tutoring job at ACE Specialist HSC in Sydney, where I tutored Chemistry and wrote Economics course ...

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I graduated from year 12 last year and am a first year medical student at UNSW. I love travelling and have been to many different countries, and also like music and learning different instruments. I am also really passionate about volunteering, especially in different countries.

I am a first year medical student at UNSW, and graduated from year 12 in Victoria last year with an ATAR of 99.15. I know the challenges students face and would love to help them achieve their goals by sharing my experiences and the things I have learnt throughout my schooling. I have done a lot of volunteering both locally and globally, and have also done a lot of voluntary teaching such as tutoring Japanese to year 7 and 8 students, running reading programs for year 1 students, and also te...

Year K-6 Year 7 Year 8 Year 6

Hi! I'm an engineering student with experience in the South Australian high school curriculum of high-level mathematics, as well as university continuations into further calculus, mathematics, and engineering-related probability.

I completed the South Australian Certificate of Education's Mathematical Studies and Specialist Mathematics streams in Year 11 of high school, running on a fast-tracked curriculum. The course covered algebra fundamentals, differentiation and integration, trigonometry and trigonometric functions, introductory statistics and probability, and some work on differential equations, all of which I am highly comfortable with. I frequently volunteered to provide peer maths assistance during a lunchtime p...

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Mathematics my Passion

I am an Engineering Postgraduate Student, having more than 5 years of academic work experience. I worked as a lecturer in a Sri Lankan University. My graduate studies included Mathematcs, Physics and Management Science.

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Keshav Ramakrishnan

Hi! My name is Keshav. I have a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology, one of the most reputed institutions in the world. I have a strong familiarity with basic math concepts. During high school I aced major math and science subjects and I would love to teach you about some of the techniques I used and still use today! I used to tutor during my college and high school years so I know exactly what it involves. I am currently pursuing my MBA (Master...

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My career aspirations are underpinned by a desire to make a difference and life-long learning. I am particularly passionate about education as it plays an essential role in present and future life.

94.40 ATAR Graduate in 3A/B mathematics, Modern History, Economics, Media, Drama and English. Undergraduate degree in Journalism and Screen Arts (Film) Completing a Graduate Diploma of Education at ECU

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Hello, this is Charles graduated from Melbourne University.

I finished Bachelor of Commerce in the university of Melbourne and did my high school in England. I have got the top grade for my maths at high school, I also I started teaching my classmates about mathematics at that time. Math has a lot of fun and we can definitely dig out the interesting aspects of it.

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Hi, I'm an experienced singer and a singing teacher excited to get some more students on the board.

My background is classical, as I studied a music conservatory in Prague. Currently I'm studying Australian institute of music - Contemporary performance. I have wide experiences with performing around Duabi, Europe and Australia. I am also a singing teacher for almost 3 years here in Sydney and have previous experiences of teaching music in Europe. I'm very passionate about my job and I love to share my own experiences and encourage my students to do their best.

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A tutor for over 4 years, I am skilled in teaching, keeping students on track and persevering with them to help them understand and improve. I am experienced in Math concepts, including HSC 2U and 3U, to students of all levels, believing that everyone can achieve their dream and study goal.

- Experienced tutor (2016 - Present) - Higher School Certificate and outstanding academic awards - Tempe High School (2015 - 2018) (Math 4U) - Bachelor of Occupational Therapy - Australian Catholic University

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Engineering graduate.

More than 10 years of experience as a software developer.

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PhD Student with 3.5 years teaching experience at university makes mathematics easy for students

I am a civil engineer with a 1-year industry experience and 3.5 years teaching experience at university. Teaching is in my blood and I have been feeling a part of myself missing since last few months when I arrived here in Wollongong to start my PhD. Besides teaching at university, I also used to tutor while being a high school and undergraduate student; the satisfaction of students with my teaching has always been an elevating experience for my soul.

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Maths tutor with over 20 years experience tutoring primary, high school and college students. Able to teach also, 1st-year University Mathematics. Love to teach Calculus and Statistics. I will definitely help students learn and grasp and retain difficult mathematics concepts.

As someone who has studied from Years 7 to Yr 12 in Australian schools, I am familiar with not only the curriculum, tests themselves but also the mental and emotional strains involved in preparing for them. This has prepared me immensely in teaching and guiding students to achieve their best possible results. My professional experience of 22 years both in the government and private sector has really given me insight into what employers really require from University graduates. This will equ...

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