• Online video tutoring marketplace software and business platform. Built for rapid growth, with ability to further develop AI search and credentialing.
  • Tested and researched in the marketplace with trials returning strong gross margins . Built-in operational and marketing work-flows for minimum administrative effort and maximum return.
  • Ready for investment and marketing to scale-up: make the most of the online education boom.


For VCs and Investors

  • Knect Learn is the first of several multi-stage launches.
  • Phase one has completed the build and in-market testing of the initial MVP. The trials validated the model and proved strong gross margins. The platform is ready to launch.
  • Phase two builds on the growth of online teaching: capturing keywords, gestures and learning styles from live content to develop AI search that perfectly matches tutors to students.
  • Phase three incorporates AI search with peer feedback to create live dynamic ultra-micro-credentialing.
  • Phase four integrates life long learning in the workplace, into the system creating live dynamic employment ultra-micro credentialing and AI assisted job search and role matching.

For Educational Operators

  • Tap in to the post-COVID growth in online education, with live-streaming video tutoring.
  • The Knect Learn system is so much more than a website marketplace, incorporating business flows to ensure smooth on-boarding of tutors, quality and assurance systems, payroll export, built-in alerts, no-touch CRM marketing emails and an integrated, automated charity/ schools marketing program.
  • Strong gross margins and P&L, proven in pilot market testing. Comes with .com and com.au domains or can be rebranded / white labeled.
  • Can be set up ‘out of the box’, with click-and-go integrations to Zoom, Xero and Employment Hero. This custom-built solution can also be further modified, as required, to suit any established business operations.

Introducing the Founder and Transworld

The Founder

  • Anne Palmer: passionate about education, entrepreneur with multiple start-ups and joint business ventures launched.
  • Experienced marketer managing global brands, multinational product development, and international marketing campaigns.
  • Education specialist with senior management experience in the tertiary and finance sectors, as well as in ed-tech university research and development.
  • Many years as a consultant and strategist. Anne’s Myer Briggs profile is INTJ – the architect; “Analytical problem-solvers, eager to enhance systems and processes with their innovative ideas. They have a talent for seeing possibilities for improvement and make natural leaders."
  • Anne is available to consult/assist in the business handover.

Transworld Business Advisors

  • Stephen Edwards: Director at Transworld Business Advisors, North Sydney. Member of the Global M&A Team.
  • Stephen has been involved in over 200 business sales across a range of business sizes, types and industries. Holds Corporation and Individual Licences. Has also signed country deals, alliances and international licences across countries (Ireland, China, New Zealand, United States and Canada).
  • Transworld Business Advisors is one of the world leaders in the marketing and sales of businesses. Operating for over 40 years: 10,000+ businesses sold, 700 brokers, 240+ offices worldwide.
  • Transworld are exclusively managing expressions of interest in relation to Knect Learn.