Parents and Students

It's free to search for tutors and it's free to register

  • Click on the Find A Tutor page.
  • Search for a tutor using the drop-down menus and tools.
  • Summaries of tutors will be collated for you.
  • Click on the tutors you are interested in to find out more about them.

Once you have found a tutor who you are interested in

  • Register your contact details and confirm your email address.
  • Login, find the tutor and request a free 30-minute trial video session.
  • Once the tutor has confirmed you will receive an email with a link to use at the time of the lesson.
  • Click on the link at the time of the session and you will be connected to your tutor via a private video session. Talk to your tutor about your needs, the tutor will not teach in this session but answer any questions you may have. You can use your phone, tablet, iPad or laptop to connect.
  • If you'd like to go ahead and book lessons, select the tutor and click on the bookings button. Choose the dates and times you would like, book and pay securely via Pay Pal. You can book one lesson at a time or schedule as many as you like.

Once you are having tutoring sessions

  • Parents receive feedback from the tutors about their child's progress.
  • Parents can login into their own portal to check bookings and feedback.
  • Parents are encouraged to give feedback to the tutor.
  • Students can login into their own portal and review sessions (for up to one month).
  • Students can also give feedback to the tutor.