Praveena Raviraj

I am a bubbly, approachable person who loves meeting new people! I really enjoy mentoring and teaching students of all ages because I think it's a great way to share my knowledge with others. I'm currently in university but when I'm not studying I enjoy playing sport, music and travelling!

Algebra Geometry Algorithms Arithmetic Angles Cubics Surface Area Volume Coordinate geometry Products Factors Equilateral, isosceles and scalene Triangles Ratios Rates Percentages Surds Simultainous Equations Addition Subtraction Multiplication Division Fractions Decimals Factorisation Expansion Algebraic techniques Functions Trigonometric Functions Exponential and logarithmic functions Surds and Indices Graphs Sine, Cosine and Tangent Ratios Perimeter, Area and Volume Equations Intercepts Gradients of tangents Venn Diagrams Right-Angled Triangles Trigonometry Differential Equations Complex numbers Linear Algebra Year K-6 Order of operations Year 7 Year 8 Year 9 5.1 Year 10 5.1 Exam technique, past papers Integration Mechanics Areas Times tables HSC Extension 1 Mathematics Primary Secondary Series Extension-1 Extension-2 Curve Sketching Circle Geometry Polynomials Parabola Symmetry Year 6 Differentiation Multiplication Tables

My background and experience

I completed my HSC at Baulkham Hills High School in 2018, achieving an ATAR of 99.80. I took Chemistry, Physics, English, Extension 1 &2 Maths and Accelerated Economics, but out of all subjects, Maths was always my strongest and I believe my high marks were influenced by my excellent maths teacher at school. I learnt a lot about teaching styles from this teacher which I then applied in my previous tutoring job at ACE Specialist HSC in Sydney, where I tutored Chemistry and wrote Economics course material. Taking both Preliminary and HSC classes, I adjusted my teaching style to the types of students and the class sizes, so I developed one-on-one teaching styles too (not just for a large class). I worked with students with different abilities which challenged me and pushed me to develop new teaching skills.

My approach to teaching

Before any session starts, I ask my students what they are currently doing at school and if they have any questions from previous weeks or even general questions. This gives me a good understanding of where to start and also if there is anything I need to add to the lesson plan. I generally like to explain the concepts first, give some examples then let the students attempt a few questions and work through them together afterwards if they are struggling. I believe it's very important not to spoon-feed the student, because the student really needs to get a good understanding of the concepts themselves to be able to tackle difficult questions in exams. At the end of a lesson I would give out harder questions that the students can use to challenge themselves and revise the content they just learnt. I like to keep my sessions fun and interactive but also ensure that students really get something meaningful out of each session.

General Availability (Time Zone: AET)


My Qualifications

  • Working with Children Check: WWC1801839E
  • ATAR: 99.8
  • Band 6 in Maths

Languages I Speak

  • English

Subjects Offered

  • Maths

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